J. Phys. Radium
Volume 17, Numéro 3, mars 1956
Page(s) 263 - 269
J. Phys. Radium 17, 263-269 (1956)
DOI: 10.1051/jphysrad:01956001703026300

Résumé des principaux travaux sur les propriétés magnétiques des couches métalliques minces

A. Colombani

Faculté des Sciences, Caen

Influence of temperature and structure of the deposit on the production of ferro-magnetism in thin metallic layers, has been first noticed. Afterwords, notice has been taken of the fact that, for very thin layers, the coercitive field of the deposit can reach a value greater than that of the solid metal. This second fact has originated many researches on the ferromagnetic alloys for example. Thirdly, both theory and experimental results show that, if the temperature is low enough, even a mono-atomic layers should be ferro-magnetic. These three important facts have only been established after many researches ,of which we quote only the most noticeable : the results of Maurain, who were the first to be reproductible, and showed the existence of rectangular cycles and the phenomena of remote magnetisation ; the author's results, showing the influence of temperature and structure on the production of ferro-magnetism and at last the researches of Crittenden. The latter seem to agree with the Klein and Smith theory, issued from the Bloch method, though valid only for very low temperatures.

6855 - Thin film structure and morphology.

Key words
ferromagnetism -- films -- ferromagnetic materials