J. Phys. Radium
Volume 16, Numéro 7, juillet 1955
Page(s) 578 - 582
J. Phys. Radium 16, 578-582 (1955)
DOI: 10.1051/jphysrad:01955001607057800

Freinage interne et ionisation atomique accompagnant l'émission β de 90Y et Ra E

A. Michalowicz et R. Bouchez

Institut du Radium, Laboratoire Curie, Université de Paris

With the aid of a NaI (Tl) scintillation spectrometer the internal Bremsstrahlung and the atomic ionisation for the forbidden transitions 90Y and RaE have been studied. The results on the Bremsstrahlung are in accord with the simplified theory of Knipp and Uhlenbeck; those on the K ionisation with the formula of Levinger 0.92/Z2 while that of Migdal 0.64/Z2 gives a value too small.

2340 - Beta decay; double beta decay; electron and muon capture.

Key words
atoms -- beta rays -- bremsstrahlung -- nuclear decay theory