J. Phys. Radium
Volume 16, Numéro 7, juillet 1955
Page(s) 583 - 588
J. Phys. Radium 16, 583-588 (1955)
DOI: 10.1051/jphysrad:01955001607058300

Etude expérimentale de l'ionisation interne en émission α

Michel Riou

Laboratoire Curie de l'Institut du Radium, Paris

A review of the results on α disintegration of 210PO, the most favorable example for the observation of internal ionization; intensities of K and L rays of lead and of the γ ray of 800 keV emitted by 210PO; a deduction of the experimental probabilities of internal ionization of K and L shells; comparison with theory; results on the electrons emitted by 210PO.

2360 - Alpha decay.

Key words
alpha particles -- atoms -- nuclear decay theory