J. Phys. Radium
Volume 17, Numéro 8-9, août-septembre 1956
Page(s) 674 - 678
J. Phys. Radium 17, 674-678 (1956)
DOI: 10.1051/jphysrad:01956001708-9067400

Existence d'un effet intensificateur des éléments du groupe du fer et situation du niveau de Fermi dans les sulfures luminescents

N. Arpiarian

Laboratoire de Luminescence, Faculté des Sciences de Paris

Besides the well known killer effect of Fe, Ni and Co, an intensifier effect is observed at low concentrations, specially of Fe and Co on gold activated sulphides. The situation of the electronic levels and the dependence of the Fermi level on concentration and temperature are discussed.

3350 - Fluorescence and phosphorescence; radiationless transitions, quenching (intersystem crossing, internal conversion).

Key words
luminescence -- luminescence of inorganic substances