J. Phys. Radium
Volume 17, Numéro 8-9, août-septembre 1956
Page(s) 787 - 789
J. Phys. Radium 17, 787-789 (1956)
DOI: 10.1051/jphysrad:01956001708-9078700

Stimulation optique dans les sulfures de zinc et de cadmium

Hartmut P. Kallmann

Physics Department, New-York University

The conditions for stimulability of phosphors are investigated. The requirement of sufficient energy storage is fulfilled for practically, all phosphors. The following model for stimulable phosphors is proposed : they must have special emission centers which enable the electrons to recombine rapidly with positive holes in radiative transitions. Infrared irradiation releases holes from activators ; these holes are transfered to the recombination centers. The model explains many features of stimulation and quenching of light and conductivity.

3350 - Fluorescence and phosphorescence; radiationless transitions, quenching (intersystem crossing, internal conversion).

Key words
luminescence -- cadmium compounds -- luminescence of inorganic substances -- zinc compounds